Belleal Games


About Us

Belleal Games is an independent game studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are passionate about creating beautiful and entertaining PC games and bringing them to you on various platforms for your complete enjoyment. Since we are passionate gamers ourselves and value quality, content depth, immersion, and limitless options, you can expect our games to deliver these same ideals to our players.

See our current projects below to learn more about what great games we are currently working on. You can also check our latest blog posts to see what’s new around here and what’s coming next. Or if you just want to reach out and chat, feel free to send us a message via the contacts page.

Current Projects

Masters of Puzzle 2

Our new and greatly improved version of Masters of Puzzle, but now recreated in Unreal Engine 5 and with new ambitions! The sequel will have all the features from the original game, albeit much improved, and many new features that we planned for but never got to develop. What is more, all owners of the original Masters of Puzzle game at the time of release will receive the sequel for free on Steam!

Abominations: Deathmatch

In the future year 2244, genetics science is so advanced it can be used to create practically anything. Experiments or non-approved alteration of human beings is outlawed, but there are secret labs that defy any moral norm or sense of humanity. The players are owners of such labs and are free to create every nightmare they might have dreamt of – if they can afford it. These unnatural creatures created by DNA alteration and manipulation are commonly referred to as Abominations.

Besides the labs, there are illegal Fight-Pits where the Abominations are put into deadly fights with each other. The stakes are high and huge amounts of money change their owners every night. The Pits are the main source of income for the gene scientists and their Abominations are their competitors.

While it’s still too early to say more about this game, the game design and rulebook are now ready, and we are slowly starting to build the complex tools necessary for its realization. We’ll share more info when we are in a more advanced stage of development.