Belleal Games


General Changes

  • The mat underlay on the playing surface is now larger in size and puzzle tiles moved over it will be at the same height as they are over the mat itself. This should help with the grouping of tiles outside the mat

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Photon SDK 1.92
  • Upgraded to the new Unity User Reports SDK

Other Changes & Additions

  • Recreated all lighting data
  • Some optimizations and refactoring in the puzzle tile generation process
  • Saved games will now remember the last position of the puzzle box container
  • Saved games will now remember if audio was stopped or not and which track was the last playing

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented new meshes generation for the top of the playing surface. The meshes now change shape based on the actual puzzle size
  • Fixed a bug with the linking of puzzle tiles when loading a game with free groups of tiles
  • Fixed a bug with loading games where puzzle tiles already in the mat would instead be linked together
  • Fixed a bug (known issue) where the puzzle tiles might “explode” in a shower you are loading a very old saved game (especially the Belfast puzzle)
  • Fixed/improved the algorithm of detecting whether a puzzle tile is outside the play area or not

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